My Brain Is An Alien Organism!

I had originally intended to title my first post on this blog “Off and Running”, which would have worked if I had written it within the first week or so of school. Three weeks later, while I’m definitely off and running, it’s all about all this “stuff” I’m learning that is jostling and pulling and pushing inside my brain. Almost like an alien organism in a sci-fi movie that usually has parts moving and growing just beneath its skin, morphing into its final form that is then revealed in an explosion of gore and slime. No, I do not hope that happens to my brain, but it sure feels like it most days.

So I guess some background is in order here. I’m back in school after a decade, having been accepted as a doctoral student in the International Education and Entrepreneurship program at the Dreeben School of Education, University of The Incarnate Word. My professional background however, is in media, technology, and education. Hence the pulling and pushing.

Not only am I learning all kinds of new terms like acculturation, enculturation, distal, and proximal that are giving the Dictionary app on my iPhone quite the work out, I’m having to wrap my head around sentences like:

Societies socialize for and individuals have access to a diverse set of overlapping and contradictory processes and procedures for making sense of the world and that the processes and procedures that are cued in the moment influence the values, relationality, self-concept, well-being, and cognition that are salient in the moment. – Daphna Oyserman and Nicholas Sorensen, Understanding Cultural Syndrome Effects on What and How We Think

In addition, as a doctoral student, which essentially is training as “researcher”, I’m going to have to learn to write like that as well. They say it gets easier, but there’s no question that entering the world of the doctoral student is a paradigm shift in more ways than one.

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