About Me

Who am I: Vidya Ananthanarayanan; PhD Gonnabe aka Doctoral Candidate; media, education, and technology professional, occasional Web designer; gamer and geek.

What do I do (have done): Adjunct faculty, freelance web designer, instructional technologist, Web content developer, journalist, reporter, copy editor/writer, occasional blogger.

When did I start: I’ve been in the media business since 1992, in education since 2001, and a technology geek all of my adult life.

Where am I: I am an Indian-American who currently calls San Antonio, Texas, and the U.S., home. Namaste, howdy, and ola!

What do I hope to accomplish (with this blog): Record my adventures in doctoral-land, share my A-ha! moments, discuss tools and techniques, generally reflect upon all that I have learnt, celebrate becoming “Dr. Vidya Ananthanarayanan” in 2015, share my adventures in post-PhD-land.

Random Bits & Pieces

It appears I have a penchant for going (back) to school every decade or so. I graduated in 1989 with a Bachelor’s in Economics; in 1999 I headed to the U.S. for a Master’s, which I successfully acquired in Digital Media in 2000, and here I am, a decade later, back in school for my PhD (International Education and Entrepreneurship). I hope this is it ;).

I have eclectic tastes and interests – countries and cultures, gaming (especially in education),  cross-cultural studies, education, entrepreneurship, and the impact of social media and technology on how we live, learn, connect, communicate, and do business (Web 2.0). Most, if not all, will feature in my research, and the blog, one way or another.

My goal is to post at least once a week, but hey, no guarantees in life right? So RSS is your best bet when it comes to tracking my content. Not an RSS fan? Subscribe via email, that works too.